Olvinglay Monte Cristo

A hips

Clear elbows
Clear eyes
GR_PRA1 & GR_PRA2 clear
Born 9th June 2019


Shardanell Just Like That

Lawpark Total Jazz By Shardanell

Ch Shardanell All That Jazz Ch Lovehayne Quentin
Shardanell Glamour Girl
Lawpark Devil In Disguise Ch Camrose Time To Return
Lawpark Ruby Wax
Shamrock She Has Wings Over Shardanell Ch Shardanell Castaspell Ipcress Sir Thomas
Lovehayne Scarlet Sage for Shardanell
Ch Shamrock Diamond Symphony Ch Dewmist Silkventure
Ch Dewmist Diamonds Are Forever

Ch Pinkerly Omnia Vincit Amor

Ch Il Trovatore Della Val D´Aveto

Oscar To Denver Ch Dreamylake Day And Night
Lulu C´Est Moi
CH Don´t Cry For Me Argentina Ch Double Willow Dragon Fly
Ch Double Willow Rossina Dell´Aveto
Pinkerly Tippety Toppety Ch Pinkerly Never Say Never Ch Shardanell Castaspell
Ch Don´t Worry Be Happy
Pinkerly Yeah Yeah Ch Majik Keystone Cop
Ch Pinkerly Jackie O